“The partners, choreographer and dancer Niki Cousineau and designer Jorge Cousineau, are a near-magical realist pair whose smart, dazzling dance technology works often engage themes of distance and enchantment.“

Broad Street Review 6/26/2012 

Seed unfolds episodically yet seamlessly, with continuous transformations.“

“Costumes and set pieces morph as well, providing a shifting frame for the action…“

thINKingDANCE 11/9/2011

My body asks how it too might contort and shave its clunky human bones and transform them into the delicate skeleton of a small creature in flight? Such a feat might require the precise combination of obsessive dissection, morbid display, and agonizing tenderness I had just witnessed.“

thINKingDANCE 11/9/2011

“On opening night at Subcircle’s Christ Church fall run, called Seed, Gin MacCallum and Niki Cousineau danced like two wavering voices that hushed us and left us craving to hear and see them.“


…a glorious frisson that lasted throughout the one-hour dance theater piece. Together they wove a spellbinding web of fantasy.“

philly.com 11/4/2011

“Niki and Jorge Cousineau, known collectively as Subcircle, in collaboration with Geoff Sobelle, have mounted an exhilarating synthesis of projected video with dance, text and original music – “Only Sleeping.” This is one of those works where a long history of collaboration and time to chew on multiple possibilities before settling on finalized images have resulted in moments of exquisite complexity.”

Lisa Kraus, My Dancing Life  5/8/2010

“The most engaging, absorbing work is HERE….It’s a fluid trip through a garden and party, a fascinating dialogue between everyday movement and situational dance, a keen decoding of body language.”

The Morning Call 2/22/2009

HERE eloquently encapsulates the show’s theme (“Lucid Dreaming”), ways in which people daydream about implausible realities and how the human body becomes central to them.”

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/8/2009

“A startling work of surreal stage pictures and subversive imagery….A dreamlike, haunting and brave piece of work.”

Ballet-Dance.com 2/8/2004

“As a dance maker, Cousineau digs beneath the strata of a dance concept and brings rich ore to the surface. ….One of the Cousineaus’ hallmarks is the breathtaking way they transform space.”

Philadelphia Inquirer  6/28/02

“You might say he’s everywhere, yet Cousineau himself remains virtually invisible, shunning the spotlight and letting the aural and visual experiences he creates stimulate our senses. ….possessed of an uncanny ability to alter the atmosphere of a room. He doesn’t just create an ambiance; he makes spaces in which an audience can be completely immersed.”

  Philadelphia City Paper 4/12/2001

“Their inventive collaborations combine movement, visuals and original music to build scenarios that engulf audiences in full-scale atmospheric environments.”

                                                          Philadelphia City Paper 6/1/2000